Local Conference Messages (Staging)



2019 Chinese New Year Respeaking Conference
General Subject: Living in the Reality of the Body of Christ by Keeping the Principles of the Body
Mtg Message Title Outlines
1 The Reality of the Body of Christ and The Oneness of the Body and the Function of the Body  PDFIconPDFIcon
2 Fellowship on How the Collected Works of Witness Lee were Compiled
3 Experiencing the Work of the Cross for the Body and Living in the Unique Fellowship of the Body PDFIcon
4 The Supply of the Body, the Members of the Body, and the Limitation of the Body and
Living Christ for the Reality of the Body of Christ
2017 Labor-Day Conference (Bilingual)
General Subject: Living the Christian Life and Practicing the Church Life According to the Visions of Ezekiel
Msg Message Title Eng. Spa.
1 Knowing and Experiencing God as I Am  PDFIcon*  PDFIcon*
2 Knowing and Experiencing the God of Blessing and the Blessing of God
3 Experiencing the Cross for God’s Building
4 Being Constituted with the Humanity of Jesus for God’s Building  
5 Being Measured by God’s Building and the Glory of God Returning to God’s Building

*Note: The messages were given in a different order from the outline numbering. The correlation is as follows:

Spoken Message Outline Number
1 3
2 4
3 2
4 5
5 6

(There was no spoken message on Outline Number 1.)

2017 Special Conference
General Subject: Special Fellowship Concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Move
Msg Message Title Outlines
1 Cooperating with God to Carry Out His Move in His Economy by Knowing This Age and by Knowing the Present Truth – and – God’s Sovereignty, the Divine History within the Human History, and the World Situation and God’s Move to Spread His Recovery PDFIcon PDFIcon
3 Spreading the Divine Truths and Seeing a Vision of the World’s Ultimate Situation, God’s Ultimate Move, and the Lord’s Ultimate Recovery PDFIcon
4-5 Bearing the Ultimate Responsibility in God’s Ultimate Move – and – Doing Everything according to the Leading, Working, and Speaking of the Spirit, Honoring the Lord as the Head of the Body for His Unique Move, and Being Balanced by the Body to Be Kept in Its Unique Oneness PDFIcon PDFIcon
2017 Midwest College Conference—Camp Tecumseh, Brookston, Indiana

General Subject: Enjoying the Unsearchable Riches of Christ for the Building Up of the Body of Christ

Msg Message Title Outlines
1 The Vision of the Riches of Christ PDFIcon
2 The Consummation of the Riches of Christ—The Spirit PDFIcon
3 Our Response to the Vision and Consummation of the Riches of Christ PDFIcon
Ministry Reading Time PDFIcon
4 The Produce of the Riches of Christ—The Church PDFIcon
5 A Normal and Proper Christian Practice for the Building up of the Body of Christ PDFIcon