Upcoming Events

August 1, 2021

  • HWMR: Week 8 of the Vital Factors for the Recovery of the Church Life.
  • Corporate Ministry Reading: Msg. 16 of the Life-Study of Romans.
  • Tuesday Night Prayer will be corporate via Zoom.
  • Next Lord’s Day Meeting will be by language groups and neighborhoods.
  • Weekly Toddlers’ Meetings will resume at a later date.
  • Weekly Children’s Meetings: (preschool through 5th grade) occur every Saturday from 10:00am to 10:30am via Zoom.
  • YP Meetings: via Zoom OR in-person when possible (email will be sent for in-person details):
    Monday through Friday: HWMR Reading 7:00pm – 7:30pm
    Tuesdays: Prayer (YP can join the church prayer meeting for Corporate Prayer. On the other Tuesdays, YP meet to pray 7:30pm – 8:00pm)
    Saturdays: YP Meeting 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Upcoming Events and Prayer Matters:

Church gatherings have moved to a combination of in-person and virtual meetings. Please remember to pray much for all the upcoming events.

  • Resumption of Children’s Service – Serving Ones Needed – Saints are preparing to resume in-person children’s meetings, but there is a need for more serving ones at all levels (babies, toddlers, pre-school, and grade school age). If saints have a desire to serve, please fellowship with one or more of the serving saints: Allison Huang, Scott Smart, Lily Song, Penny Schultz, Shelley Sims, Thawivann Spalding, Debbie Robert. Please pray much for the Lord’s leading in the care of our children and serving ones in the meetings.
  • Other Reminders:
    • July Training messages are available to purchase and download at lsmwebcast.com.
    • Bookstore Service – Please contact Barb Azzarello or Shelly Sims if you can help. Young people are welcome!  
    • Bibles for America Van is available to borrow for gospel outreach. Saints who would like to use the van should contact Jose Navarrete or Tim Liu.

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