Upcoming Events

Week of October 15, 2017
  • Daily — HWMR: Preparation of the Bride, week 5 schedule
  • Tuesday — Prayer in the neighborhoods
  • Friday — Spanish/English radio, 9 pm on AM 1240
  • Saturday —  Breakfast & cleaning – Spanish-speaking
  • Lord’s Day, 10/22  Corporate meeting combined with some ITERO overflow. No break
 Corporate Ministry Reading Schedule

Life-study Reading: We will continue on the church reading plan by reading one Life-study of Matthew and one Life-study of Ezekiel this week. Read Matthew #24 and Ezekiel #24.

Young people 2 year schedule in HWMR—Week 7.

Winter Training Information

Anaheim winter training: 12/25-30, 2017
Donation $205 (late $255). Registration is due by 10/29/17.
Local webcast 12/26-1/3/18. Registration $105 (late $130) due by 12/10/17.
You can register online:
Anaheim – http://www.tinyurl.com/CHILiveTraining
Local –       http://www.tinyurl.com/CHIWebcastTraining

The sending of used HWMR books is no longer available. Do not bring anymore to the hall (give them away).
Lost and Found and “Free-Giveaway” Tables

There are tables in the kitchen with a lot of items. One table is full of items free to take anytime. The “lost and found” items are for the owners—this week. Next week you may take whatever you want. We will discard the leftovers after next Lord’s day.