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Week of March 18, 2018
  • Daily — HWMR: Material Offerings – Week 5
  • Tuesday — Prayer in the neighborhoods
  • Friday — Spanish/English radio, 9 p.m. on AM 1240
  • Saturday, 03/14 — Breakfast & cleaning – Korean speaking
  • Saturday, 03/31 — Breakfast & cleaning – Irving Park area
  • Lord’s Day, 03/25  Corporate Table @ 10 a.m. (see below)
 Corporate Ministry Reading Schedule
Life-study Reading: Life-study #46 of Matthew this week. Young people – Week 29. Crystallization Study of Leviticus. Vol. 1, is available.
Visit of Ministry Publication Brothers

Samuel Lin and Jim Miller will be visiting the Chicago metro area with the burden to inform, encourage and incite us regarding the value of being in the ministry publications. This will help us to continue steadfastly in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles. The brothers will join our corporate gathering next LD morning, March 25th. That evening there will be a special fellowship with these brothers and the bookstore staff at 6 p.m. All who serve or who would like to serve please come.

Ohio Conference – 3/30-4/1

The annual Ohio conference is coming again soon with Brother Ron Kangas. Please sign up and book your hotel if you would like to go. There is a special rate of $20 for the weekend for college students and their serving ones staying together. You must notify Jefferson Lao at jefflylao@gmail.com to register for the special rate.

We are preparing care packages for the Chicago sent and related trainees. We have bags and postcards designated for each trainee by the bulletin board. We would like to cherish them with some goodies and notes of encouragement. If you need some ideas of what you can send, trainees always appreciate tide pens, lint rollers, pens, twistable crayons, post-its, etc. Feel free to also contribute any small gifts that would fit in the bag. These bags will be sent with the brothers going to ITERO, so April 1st will be the last day you can add to the care package. There are also postcards for the trainees who come for GTCA, please sign them!**
Summer Training Registration begins today

Anaheim live training dates:
Registration deadline:
Anaheim Training Donation:
Monday, 7/2/18 – Saturday, 7/7/18
Lord’s Day 4/29/18
$205 (After deadline $255)

Local Webcast training dates:
Registration deadline:
Webcast Training Donation:


Tuesday 7/3/18 through Wednesday 7/11/18
Lord’s Day 6/17/17
$105 (After deadline $130)