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Announcements for the Church in Chicago
Week of May 26, 2024

HWMR: Week 9 of Laboring on the All-inclusive Christ Typified by the Good Land for the Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ for the Reality and the Manifestation of the Kingdom for the Bride to Make Herself Ready for the Lord’s Coming

Corporate Bible Reading:

Corporate Ministry Reading: Msg. 26 of the Life-Study of Philippians.

Hall Cleaning this Saturday will be by Korean-spkg saints. 6/8 will be Northshore saints.

Tuesday Night Prayer will be in Irving Park for message 6 of the Memorial Day Conference..

PSRP will not meet this week due to the conference.

Flea Market Gospel will be Lord’s Day morning at 7:30a from the Irving Park meeting hall or 8a in front of the flea market.

Next Lord’s Day Meeting will be corporate in Irving Park..

YP Meetings:

  • Monday through Thursday meetings (7:00pm-7:30pm) for Bible reading according to the church schedule above. On Fridays, YP are encouraged to join the small group meetings in the homes.
  • Saturday night meetings (6:00pm – 8:30pm) at the Irving Park hall.

Upcoming Church Events and Prayer Matters:

Please remember to pray much for all the upcoming events and the shepherding of the saints. 

  • International Memorial Day Blending Conference local webcast schedule in Irving Park is as follows:
    • Message 4 – Lord’s Day (5/26) evening at 7p.
    • Message 5 – Monday at 10a
    • Message 6 – Tuesday at 7:30p
  • Sisters Lessons will be on June 1 at 9a in Irving Park. Please bring food to share for a light lunch.
  • Special Fellowship for Parents and Serving Ones of children & young people will be held in the church in Lemont (Bolingbrook) from June 8 to 9. Please go to https://midwestyp.com/ for details.
  • July Training will be July 1 – 6 in Anaheim and July 2 – 10 locally. Local webcast training registration is due next Lord’s Day June 2 by 2p.

Upcoming Lord’s Day District Meeting Schedule is below. Korean-speaking and Spanish-speaking are generally at the Irving Park meeting hall; English and Chinese-speaking saints meet by districts (including hall cleaning). Hall cleaning may be done earlier in the week based on saints’ availability. The schedule may be subject to change during the week and based on district.

  South Loop (English/Chinese-spkg) Irving Park


Meeting Hall Cleaning (Sat.)
6/2 Corporate Corporate Corporate 6/1: Korean-spkg
6/9 South Loop Irving Park Evanston (Yuns) 6/8: North Shore
6/16 South Loop Irving Park Irving Park 6/15: South Loop
6/23 South Loop Irving Park Evanston (Yuns) 6/22: IP/Span-spkg
6/30 South Loop Irving Park Irving Park 6/29: Korean-spkg

Other Reminders:

  • Link to the video of the BfA fellowship: https://bit.ly/202405BFA
  • Childrens’ Service Prayer & Coordination is every Saturday at 8:30a via Zoom (ID: 972-5109-1217).
  • Children’s Meeting: Only parents should pick up their children from the children’s meetings. The serving ones will not be able to release children to their siblings.
  • Parents of YP should plan to pick up your children on Saturdays no later than 9pm, as serving ones cannot always stay later. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Parking is available at the funeral home lot on Lord’s Day mornings (as long as there is not a funeral). Please enter and exit the lot from Irving Park Road only. Please reserve the handicapped parking spaces for the saints with mobility issues.
  • The 500 Life Studies mobile app is available for download in the app stores and is an excellent tool to help the saints in their ministry reading.
  • The LSM radio broadcast of the Life-Study messages can be found at www.lsmradio.com and via mobile app (https://www.lsmchristianradio.com/ for English and https://www.radiocristianalsm.com for Spanish).