Annie’s Testimony

A Chosen One

Receiving Christ as My Savior

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. One day when I was six years old, I was walking to school, taking a different route than I normally used. Along the way I noticed a lady who was passing out pamphlets. This lady was tall and blonde, totally not Chinese, so she really stood out to me. Most people were walking around her, because she was foreign. I was curious about what she was handing out, so I went and grabbed a pamphlet from her.

The pamphlet was a gospel tract. It said “If you don’t believe in God, you will perish, but if you believe in the Son of God, you will be saved from condemnation.” As a first grader, I didn’t understand a lot of the things that were mentioned in the pamphlet. The only thing that really touched me was “not perish.” I told my neighbor about the pamphlet, and he told me to “throw the pamphlet away.” He asked me “What are you going to do with this foreign god? Do you think you are going to be a Christian when the rest of your family are Buddhists?” So I threw the pamphlet away.

When I was ten years old, my family immigrated to the United States. A couple years after we moved, our new neighbors invited us over to their house for dinner. After dinner, they preached the gospel to my mother. They shared a gospel tract with her which said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved (Acts 16:31).” I was sitting alongside my mother and remembering that I had read something like this back in first grade.” After my neighbors finished reading the gospel tract, they asked my mother if she would like to believe in the Lord and be baptized. Although my mother said no, I replied, “I do!” My neighbors were shocked, not realizing that I was listening. But that didn’t stop them from baptizing me. We filled up their bathtub and I was baptized right then and there as a new believer. I was about twelve years old and I have been a Christian ever since.

The Lord Reaching My Family

When my family immigrated to the U.S. my parents were going through a divorce. This was hard on my sister. One of her classmates spoke the gospel in Chinese to her and she received the Lord immediately. This classmate was a neighbor to the family who invited us over for dinner previously where I received the Lord. After both my sister and I became Christians, we tried to share the gospel with my mom. After six months of persistent speaking, she also got saved.

After my parent’s divorce, my father moved away to another state. After a number of years, when I was in college, he came to look for me. He told me he had liver cancer and was told he had about six months to live. This caused me to pray for his salvation before the end of his life. Growing up, I realized that my father was always hard-headed. He would say, “I believe in myself, I do things my own way. Why do I need to rely on God – I’m not a weakling!” But at the end of his life, there was a turn in his heart,

The Lord’s Keeping

When someone asked me to share my testimony with the young people, I thought, “What Me? I have nothing to say!” But then the Lord touched me saying, “What do you mean? You were chosen specifically; you were chosen before the foundation of the world. I chose you, how can you say you have nothing to say?”

So as I considered what to share, I began to really appreciate the Lord’s keeping me all these years. When I was in high school we had to read the book, Pride and Prejudice. I thought the character Mr. Darcy was so romantic. He helped the Bennet family all because he loved Elizabeth. Then the Lord reminded me that He is more romantic than Mr. Darcy. The Lord Jesus loved us and came and died for us. He is the King and I am just this lowly country girl, yet He came to woo and win me for Himself. I am so thankful to the Lord for His great love, for His coming to save me, and for His keeping me all these years. Thank You Lord Jesus – I love You.

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