Jack’s Testimony

Finding and Enjoying Christ

A New Christian

I was born in Hefei City, Anhui Province, China. Last year I moved to Chicago to study piano performance at Roosevelt University. My family has a Christian history; my grandfather was a Christian. In 2015, I studied in Hefei with an English teacher who came from New Zealand. His wife is from China, but they met in the church in New Zealand. From that time, my mother and I always took part in their home meeting every Wednesday night. In October 2015, I received the Lord and became a Christian! Praise the Lord!

A New Fellowship

Any time I feel lonely, I turn to the Lord and go to some meetings for fellowship. Then I don’t feel lonely anymore because I’m enjoying the Lord with the other brothers and sisters. Now I’m participating in the church college summer internship. Through the internship, I am able to improve my English because I am speaking English with the other brothers and sisters. This is really helpful to me. Additionally, I feel that I need more knowledge about our Lord Jesus, so I am spending time with other brothers and sisters my age to learn more about the Lord. Praise the Lord! Amen!

~ Jack

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